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Maths Capacity Building within the Organisation – Introduction

Date and Time:

Date: 7th November 2023

Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm


This interactive workshop is the first part of developing an in-depth understanding of skill development expectations, and barriers and challenges for adult learners, with a view to build a stronger maths culture and level of confidence with maths delivery within the organisation.

The content will cover:

  • The importance of maths for adults
  • A whole organisational approach to maths
  • Challenges and misconceptions that form barriers to maths learning;
  • Effective use of baseline learner information to inform planning for learning and maths skill development up to Level 2 and beyond;
  • Managing learner stretch and challenge;

This webinar is suitable for:

For Educators who are confident with their own maths ability at Level 2 and above, wanting to further develop their skills in order to support others, virtually and face to face, to be able to deliver maths to learners more confidently and promote a positive maths culture within the organisation.

Curriculum and Programme Developers wanting to understand more about the requirements, needs and expectations of building a whole organisational approach to maths and a positive inclusive maths culture.

Providers of adult numeracy provision that have identified that their maths provision is an area for development.

Providers who want to expand their provision to support the development of topic targeted basic numeracy Skills with adults and build a more inclusive maths culture within their organisation.

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