AELP Webinar

How to Effectively Utilise Maths and English Initial and Diagnostic Information

Date and Time:

Date: 21st November 2023    

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am


Initial and Diagnostic information are key to ensuring that the best level of support can be provided to learners for maths and English. Sadly, all too often the information collected is not utilised effectively and educators are missing a trick when it comes to supporting the development of these life skills in the best and most positive way.

The development of maths and English needs to be wider than achieving a Functional Skill qualification if it is to add real value to learning programmes, something that Ofsted look for.

This interactive webinar will consider why the development of maths and English is important for all learners and analyse the value of the information gained at the start of a learning journey; and review how to develop support that meets the wider needs of the learner.  

The content will cover:

  • Why maths and English development is important for everyone
  • Understanding Initial Assessment Data
  • Unpicking Diagnostic information and planning ongoing skill development
  • Knowledge application in meaningful ways
  • Next steps

The webinar will provide core information needed to be able to plan and support the effective utilisation of key information and develop learning plans for maths and English that are relevant, meaningful and individualised for learners.

Developing methods of effectively utilising initial and diagnostic information provides an opportunity to positively impact the development of learners and wider society; and also provides an opportunity for providers to excel with this aspect of their provision, deemed as good practice within Good and Outstanding provision.

This webinar is suitable for:

Educators who are supporting learners and want to improve their practice when supporting the ongoing development of maths and English in a meaningful way;

Curriculum developers and managers who are not fully aware of the good practice requirements for ongoing maths and English skills development, outside formal qualifications;

Providers who have recognised the value, and importance of ongoing maths and English skills and have identified this aspect as an area for development.

This webinar is not suitable for:  Providers who are fully aware of the expectations of ongoing maths and English skill development and have no areas for development with this aspect of provision.

Level:  No, basic or poor understanding around the value of providing effective and meaningful learning experiences that relate to the ongoing development of maths and English

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