GMLPN Multiply Session Pro Forma – Learner Journey 25th September

Session topic: Embedding Maths in the Learner Journey
Session title: Strategies and Approaches for Embedding Maths in Everyday Learning
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25th September 2024
Type of Session: Webinar
Venue: Virtual
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Time: 13.30-15.30
Capacity: 30 ( so bookings for 45/50 to allow for no shows)
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  • £200 
  • Hourly Rate – To be paid on top of the delivery fee: £60 
  • Max rate per CPD activity: £650
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Brief Session Overview: This interactive session will review innovative ways to embed maths throughout the learner journey.

The session will cover mapping out key touchpoints that will integrate maths into everyday contexts, making learning relevant and engaging.

This session will provide practical strategies, tools and resources to support the creation of lesson plans that will seamlessly incorporate maths. Attendance will help to enhance approaches to teaching, boost confidence, and empower learners as a result of meaningful maths embedding.

Session Objectives:
  • Learner journey mapping and opportunities to embed maths.
  • Innovative strategies to make maths relevant and engaging in various contexts.
  • Integrated lesson planning to seamlessly incorporate maths and engage learners in meaningful ways.
  • Practical tools and resources to support embedded maths delivery.
  • Taking things forward
Target Audience: Tutors delivering maths education to adults with low levels of ability and Managers supporting the development of maths programmes
Any other information needed: None
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