GMLPN Multiply Session Pro Forma – Fractions 8th August

Session topic: Fractions
Session title: Transforming Fraction Teaching: Innovative Strategies for Adult Learners
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8th August
Type of Session: Webinar
Venue: Virtual
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Time: 14.00-15.30
Capacity: 30 ( so bookings for 45/50 to allow for no shows)
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  • £200 
  • Hourly Rate – To be paid on top of the delivery fee: £60 
  • Max rate per CPD activity: £650
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Brief Session Overview: This interactive session is designed to enhance your teaching strategies for fractions, specifically for tutors supporting adults with low maths ability. Gain practical, innovative techniques to make fractions accessible and enjoyable for your learners. Discover how to use visual aids, technology, and hands-on activities to simplify complex concepts, and learn to create inclusive lesson plans that cater to diverse learning styles.

Boost your confidence and equip yourself with fresh, impactful methods to transform your maths teaching and make a lasting difference in your learners’ lives.

Session Objectives:
  • Identify and address common challenges faced by adult learners in understanding fractions.
  • Innovative teaching techniques to make fractions more accessible and engaging.
  • Creating inclusive lesson plans that cater to diverse learning styles and needs.
  • Practical activities and real-life applications to enhance understanding of fractions.
  • Taking things forward
Target Audience: Tutors delivering maths education to adults with low levels of ability and Managers supporting the development of maths programmes
Any other information needed: None
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