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Coaching Apprentices Towards EPA Success First Time
Strapline/key reason to attend Successful EPA outcomes successful preparation and guidance is yours up to scratch?
Date and time 17 July 2024

10-11.30 am

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Webinar Facilitator Christine Edwards QTLS, Creating Excellence
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What will attending this webinar help our members do better?

Successful End Point Assessment (EPA) doesn’t happen by accident, for apprentices to achieve a successful outcome at EPA very specific support is needed. The planning required to provide the necessary coaching support is an essential component for success.

This interactive webinar will explore coaching approaches that will support the apprentice’s preparation for EPA, consider the different aspects of EPA and review approaches that will generate greater success for apprentices.


Learning outcomes

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How will this webinar benefit our members – both individual delegates and their organisations?

At the same time – what are the carry through benefits – to the learners (the community we ultimately serve as a sector).

At the end of this webinar, you will:

    • Recognise the value of coaching and best practice in teaching
    • Fully understand the different EPA requirements
    • Define areas for personal development
  • Formulate a plan to implement and improve success rates

The carry through benefits are; greater levels of confidence for apprentices going into Gateway and EPA; improved EPA first time pass rates; improved chances for Distinction awards; better assessment experiences for apprentices, feeding into overall customer satisfaction with employers and apprentices; and better data for audits and Ofsted.

This will impact the wider community through improved confidence levels with apprenticeship and assessment methodology and reduced costs to employers through more effective assessment practices.

Target Audience by company: Training  providers and employer providers who are supporting apprentices.
Target Audience by job title:

Front line and second and line roles (and align titles to the whole sector)

This webinar is suitable for:

  • All providers offering apprenticeship programmes that are government or levy funded and want to ensure that they fully understand the requirements for the successful completion of End Point Assessment (EPA).
  • Or providers who are ‘in scope’ for an Ofsted inspection and want to ‘check’ that their approaches for learner development and preparation for EPA are meaningful and have real value for learners to achieve successful outcomes.
  • And members of staff who feel that their understanding of EPA and the different requirements needs development.

This webinar is relevant for managers (including line managers) and staff involved in supporting the preparation of learners towards EPA.





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Level? Introductory and Intermediate where areas for the development of supporting apprentices for EPA has been recognised, as a result of poor first time success rates.
Agenda 10.00 – Welcome and Housekeeping

10.05 – Webinar content as per the objectives

11.20 – Summary and Q&A

11.30 – Webinar close

Webinar type Commercial – open to the sector delegates pay to attend. 
Platform Zoom Meeting
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