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Christine Edwards, Owner of Creating Excellence

Christine Edwards | Creating Excellence

In 2018 I created Creating Excellence as a vehicle to pull together the very best practice and support that can help businesses achieve their business goals and objectives and provide the best possible offer to their clients whoever they may be.

Our vision is “to provide solutions and alternative approaches to unlock business growth and potential through approaches that develop and generate greater stability, security, abundance and balance”.

How Do We Do That?

We draw from a wealth of experience and expertise from the public and private sector spanning over 40 years, which provides us with unique insights and alternatives to discover what needs to be in place to allow your business to thrive and help you to develop strategies and solutions to move you forward and achieve growth.

So what makes us different?

Our approach utilises solutions that will help your business move forward in the best way possible and consider different options to best suit the needs and aspirations of your business.

The techniques and resources we use are varied, flexible and responsive towards your specific business needs.


Christine Edwards | National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Maths & English

Bespoke Training & Consultancy

We offer bespoke training and consultancy services to suit all businesses and while we specialise in the post 16 education and apprenticeship sector, particularly around quality assurance, staff training and programme development, by default we have insights that span a wide range of businesses allowing us to positively impact all organisations.



Providing Solutions

We are passionate about providing solutions that address some of the core skill gaps and business challenges, particularly around literacy and numeracy, digital skills, coaching, mentoring and teaching.

We believe that the solutions we provide will help businesses build capacity and achieve sustainable growth, even in these challenging economic times.

We would love to talk to you about how we can help.

Just complete the form in the  ‘Contact us’ section to arrange a no-obligation, free of charge initial consultation and leave the rest to us.

If you have any questions and would like to get further information about any of the services that Creating Excellence provides, please contact me on 0161 710 1341 or 0780 197 1130

or video call on Microsoft Teams.

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