Feedback on the Fraction Wall = Fraction Wall With Decimals

Feedback on the Fraction Wall = Fraction Wall With Decimals

Based on comments and feedback received as a result of the fraction wall posted a little while ago, I said that I would create a version that included decimals, to help make that visual link, in the same way as fractions and to help make the connection between the fraction and decimal.

You can download a copy of the template here.

A couple of points to make, some of the decimals are rounded, so if they are added across they may not total 1, exactly. Most will be slightly over, but 9ths will only total to 0.99. 

And from the 10ths onwards, there wasn’t enough space to include the fraction and decimal in each box, so I have alternated them. 

I look forward to hearing how you used this and the value it brings to your learners.

Christine Edwards QTLS

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Maths & English: Effective Target Setting 

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